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Internships are where the rubber meets the road. The FLI internship experience we have designed seeks to fuse a professional development experience and with your unique set of skills, interests and goals. We hold relationships with dozens of site supervisors across Focus on the Family, in the multitude of varying departments so that students have a variety of placements to choose from.

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Internship Distinctives

Personalization: After gathering detailed information from both students and sites, we make the best match possible for everyone. And because we serve students from a broad spectrum of ages and academic disciplines, we also strive to offer a variety of professional development resources to meet each student where he or she is.

Flexibility: Two-credit internships are part of the semester, integrated into the construction of the school day.

Action: While filing and copy-making are an inevitable part of any intern’s job description, we also ask our supervisors to think big and to give you higher-level responsibilities and important networking opportunities whenever possible.

Integration: Through directed reflection, we help you connect your internship with the leadership and worldview material from the FLI classroom. 


Read the full course syllabus here.

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