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Though it will be summer, you will find yourself eager to attend class each day.  Classes in both biblical worldview formation and personal leadership competencies will expontentially increase your understanding and development in each. The professors who spearhead each course, and the speakers who join you in the classroom are committed to helping you activate your leadership potential.   

(PHL 426; 3.0 semester credits)

Taught by Dr. Del Tackett
This course is designed to broaden the student's foundational understanding of their presuppositions of the Christian worldview and apply this perspective when engaging the Church and Society. Students will be challenged to think critically about how they address contemporary issues, utilize Scripture when making wise decisions, and discern how a faith-filled calling witnesses to today's culture.

(LED 454; 3.0 semester credits)

Taught by Dr. Robert and Elena Thomason
This course is designed to examine the spiritual and material identities of the Christian student, and equip them with practical skills that will immediately sharpen their leadership competence. Utilizing current research and biblical guidance, students will distinguish the importance of innovation, leading organizational change, character maintenance, personal strengths, personality preferences, and ethics. Application discussions will span from leadership in the workplace to leading at home.

(PSY 450; 2.0 semester credit hours)

The internship gives students professional experiences and opportunities tailored to their academic disciplines, skills and personal interests through placement at a local internship site. It provides relevant guidance concerning their calling and career choices. In addition, it gives them an opportunity to process and “work out” vocation related material from their FLI classroom courses.

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