FLI-Outdoors-41-GroupWe would be remiss not to mention the community aspect of a semester at Focus Leadership Institute.

Though your days are filled, community has a tendency of blossoming in a way you never expected. The students of the summer cohort attend class, eat meals, venture around Colorado and live together. Somewhere along the way, in a car ride, a walk through the ministry or in the middle of the night while working on homework, it happens. A deep and rich community takes root.

Everything we plan as part of the community experience is about creating an intentional environment where you can grow in your relationships with your classmates and grow as an individual. Many of the friendships and experiences you'll find at FLI will last well beyond your time here. In the end, you'll walk away from your semester at the Focus Leadership Institute having truly experienced what life in the body of Christ can be like.

PyramidAnd at the essence of any good leader, is an experience with Christ. When we experience Christ, everything changes...including the magnitude of our leadership.

Student Life Mission Statement

In keeping with the mission of the Focus Leadership Institute, the Student Life team exists to provide programs and services within a Christ-centered community that promote academic success and integrate living, learning and faith in a way that maximizes the potential for lifelong growth and wellness.

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