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Thank you for spending a moment of your time exploring academics at the Focus Leadership Institute (FLI). I think you will find a unique academic adventure awaits you on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. Having had the opportunity to serve in multiple capacities at FLI, I have witnessed transformational change that our students have experienced both during and after their time here.


Our summer curriculum is rooted in two concepts: Christian worldview and leadership. Our students will delve into their presuppositional understanding of Biblical truth while critically analyzing other major religious philosophies in light of Holy Scripture. Students will also learn how to pragmatically blend their faith with their leadership to manifest keen, Christ-like interactions with followers. By incorporating these guiding principles, FLI students will learn how to mitigate conflict, understand the strengths of their personal design, and integrate their faith in the professional endeavors.


The faculty at FLI is dedicated to not only inspirational teaching, but also investing in our students' personal and spiritual development. Notable speakers and prominent leaders in their fields will spend time interacting and influencing those who spend the summer in Colorado. As a matter of importance to the faculty at FLI, the classroom is not just four walls and a projector. Students will travel to meet leaders of domestic and international influence. Ultimately, we desire to provide an experience that will challenge, stretch, and support while concomitantly encouraging students toward making a difference in the world we live.

One alumni of the program, Kris, summed up her academic experience at the Focus Leadership Institute this way,

FLI has been a blessing academically because it does not offer the academic norm. Professors here challenge us to see the world through a different perspective. They do not want us to memorize the material and pass the test; they want to teach us to think. They implement a different style of teaching. They leave us with questions instead of answers, challenging us to find out the reasons why. This semester has been unlike any other semester of college I have attended.

I hope that you will seriously consider the Focus Leadership Institute, because I believe that FLI will be an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life—not only for the friends made, but also the skills and knowledge gained. It is with eager anticipation we wait to greet you and travel along side you on your leadership journey. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or email. I look forward to meeting you personally.


Dr. Robert R Thomason
Professor of Leadership, FLI

Focus Leadership Institute
8605 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Phone: (719) 548-4560
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