Our History 

Launched in 1995 by Focus on the Family, Focus Leadership Institute (FLI)’s summer semester-away study program is for college students and recent graduates, where scholarship meets leadership training meets community and adventure — all at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colo. Throughout our courses, we intend to come up with new ideas and innovation for our classes and students. In the future, we will share our creative ideas and findings that our students and teacher’s come up with and post them throughout the community.


The crux of the FLI experience are the five classes our students take in a cohort style with all their fellow FLI classmates. The major themes of these classes include Christian thought and worldview, leadership, cultural engagement and marriage and family formation.

The classes we offer today are representative of our desire to help the next generation engage society from a critical-thinking, earnestly biblical perspective. And we offer courses on family and marriage because it’s our conviction that families, beginning with the marriage of a man and a woman, are the building blocks of society.

We think after your semester at the FLI you’ll agree: The classes at the Institute are significant not only for the content they deliver but also for how they prepare young leaders — as the best kind of education does — to interpret the world around them. Read more essay writer

Where we are headed

Throughout our teachings at the institute, we will be educating our students not only through our classes but also as a weekly newsletter on the website. It is important for us to keep our community educated and to keep growing. We believe in recognizing innovation through the talents of god and are God-given gifts.


Here at the Institute, we talk about family, marriage, religion, and worldview and so on, of course. But we also focus on leadership — just as our name suggests — because, simply put, a semester here at the Institute will form you into a person of influence. You will be equipped to parse the ideas and perspectives you encounter out in the world in such a way that you will influence those conversations you participate in and the communities you belong to. That’s simply what happens when you are exposed to the ideas and the community here at the Institute.

From a semester at the Institute, you don’t merely come away with an influence-granting body of knowledge. We also equip our students to wield that influence well. Now, it’s not our goal to fit you and everyone else into a singular mold, that of the outgoing, magnetic, take-charge “leader.” Rather than a one-size-fits-all leadership model, we employ a thoroughly biblical perspective, informed by the latest academic research, and tailored to fit you, with your talents, interests, and God-given personality in clear view.

In short, we want to help you become the sort of leader God created you to be.