Class introduction.

We would like to let you know that we will begin a new class registration soon for our “Christian Faith” History class. This class will cover the fundamentals of Jesus and his history. We recently got the approval from the Dean that we can begin the openings for this class. Moving forward, we feel it is important to have our students understand the fundamental history of Christ and how he lived through his days of survival. We will discuss how the Christian faith was developed and the crucifixion of Jesus in the end. As this class is a gift to our students, we wanted to make it an example of the gifts that Jesus received that helped him through the torture he received. Back in those days, Jesus was given gifts of gold through the town. He was also given frankincense as a perfume by the people. Back in those days, gold was an extremely precious metal. We feel that this class will not only be in service of God but also service to our students. On the day of this class, we would like our students to bring a gift for one another. This can be food, items, or just a simple hand-made gift for one another.

What will this class consist of?

As we will move more of our classes in service of God, this class will be focused on the act of giving. We want to make sure that our students spend less time outdoors in Colorado and more time indoors putting their time and effort in the power of God. We want to have our students engage the future of the younger generation to teach basic principles of Christianity and faith. We will engage more of the topic of leadership and our core values here at the institute. When people engage with our students, we want them to influence other people in a convincing way, a nice way. We want you to treat these people with a heart of gold. This class will surely show the power of influence through god and his peers. We are so proud to announce this course coming up in the near future.

How to sign up?

In order to sign up for this class, you can simply send an email to for more information on this. You can also submit your application to this address as well. We would suggest putting your application title such as “Class invitation” or something along those lines. Right now, seats will be given to a maximum of around 30-40 students. If this class does well in the future, we will surely expand and make more courses just like it. Remember, it is through the power of God, that we will find ourselves and become whole again. We want to make sure our students have a full understanding of the act of leadership. The act of influence is very important within this classes guidelines. Which is also congruent with our core values of this class. We hope to see all of the students very soon. Also, read the bible daily whenever you get the time!


Thank you.