This semester I have experienced big changes in my life. It has been different in many ways – but so good. Along with changes, I have realized come many decisions. Some are hard, some easy. I was reminded of a study called Anointed,Trasnformed, Redeemed: A Study of David, which I did with a women’s group at church over the summer. A major part of the study discussed how David came to many “crossroads” or choices where he had a decision to make. One decision to not go to war with his men led David to many more decisions that led him deeper and deeper into sin. David could have recognized his sin at any point along the way and possibly saved himself much grief and heartache, but it took the prophet, Nathan, to help him recognize his sin and repent.

Just like David, I too have come across many “crossroads”. I try to take into consideration various things as I make these decisions, such as: does it bring glory to God’s kingdom? How would it affect those around me? How would it affect me? As I still adjust to the changes in my life that have been taking place, I have to daily make the decision to embrace this season of life in which the Lord has placed me and live life to the fullest. Christ called us to abundant LIFE, and God blessed David with that kind of life, and has given me the same opportunity for that as well. It gives me great hope that I live for and serve a God that is full of abundant GRACE.