A Window Well Cover is The Best Way to Prevent Injury at Your Home

family playing in the yardThere has been a lot of talk in the community about ways to keep your home as safe as possible. With a lot of new home owners out there we want to do everything we can to get the information out there to help with this issue. Some of the most dangerous outdoor factors to your house are uncovered open window wells.

Leaving your window well’s open and uncovered pose the risk of your children falling in and getting a serious injury. Some window well’s can be 6 feet deep and if a young child were to fall in they could be injured.

Not only is this an issue with young children of your own, it could also be a liability issue if someone else’s child came into your yard and fell in, they could end up suing you for not having your well covered.

Why Cover Your Window Well?

One of the families in our church stood up one day to tell a story about their young one being injured by falling into an open window well at their home while playing outside. The child was rushed to the hospital from cutting open his knees on the ground inside the window well, and although the child made it home okay, he could have been much more injured had the well been deeper.

We feel this is one of the simplest and cost effective ways to help keep your home safe. If your home isn’t safe, your family isn’t safe, and therefore God isn’t safe either. Please do your due diligence to get yourself safe.

Where to Get a Window Well Cover

polycarbonate window well cover

The number one best way to take care of this issue is to go get yourself window well covers that are lightweight and strong. You can find them at Home Depot or Lowe’s and install them fairly simple on your own.

Another option is to get your window well covers directly from a manufacturer online and have them delivered directly to your door. Often they can be purchased cheaper directly from the manufacturer.

Therefore, we would like the community to get out there and help keep the community safe. Go check the houses around your neighborhood to see if there are window well covers on those home’s, and if not lend them a helping hand to get them covered. Window Well USA offers coupons to you for referring friends so that you and your neighbors can save on your window well covers when helping each other out. Just go to their website and find out more.

Good day and safe homes.