Welcome to our Academics!

On behalf of all our faculty, I hope that these pages will give you a solid introduction to the academic experience at FLI. Having taught in a University for many  Lees-2-SP12years before following God’s call to FLI, I have seen the unique ways that God works in the lives of our students here. I am convinced that your academic experience here will challenge and grow you.

FLI’s academic experience is founded on the proposition that Truth is rooted in the nature and character of God. We value critical thinking, and want you to grapple with the tensions and harmonies between God’s design and the world where we live. We want you to leave here prepared to be a salt and light testimony to a hurting world.

We are excited about the way that our faculty immerse themselves in the lives of students, coming alongside them in support and challenge. Students are frequently in our homes, and they get to know our families. In addition, students get the chance to sit in on Focus on the Family broadcast tapings and interact with various key leaders from around the world.

What do our students have to say? Kris, a fall 2008 graduate, sums up her academic experience in a way that echoes the perspective of many. She says:

FLI has been a blessing academically because it does not offer the academic norm. Professors here challenge us to see the world through a different perspective. They do not want us to memorize the material and pass the test; they want to teach us to think. They implement a different style of teaching. They leave us with questions instead of answers, challenging us to find out the reasons why. This semester has been unlike any other semester of college I have attended.

Consider joining us! I promise that you will find rigor and challenge, and God will work in your life to grow you while you are here.

Dr. Steve Lee
Academic Affairs, Chair