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Greetings! My name is Jeremy Elam, and I serve as Administrator for the Residential Program here at Focus Leadership Institute. Nice to make your acquaintance. JeremyLetter

Among the many pieces of the Focus Leadership Institute is what we call Residence Life. FLI is an academic experience, for sure, but a lot of your experience here at the Institute happens outside of the classroom. A semester at FLI is a chance to be a part of deep, intentional community. It's our job on the Residence Life Team to help that happen.

One of the primary aspects of the community experience is our housing setup. All of our students live together in an apartment complex for the duration of the semester. This presents a great opportunity for students to share life with their classmates and walk through the semester together.

Residence Life also plans various weekly activities and trips throughout the summer. For example, each week we have dinner at Focus on the Family with special guest speakers. This gives you the opportunity to interact with additional people outside the faculty and staff of FLI.

Each summer we also go on a few special excursions — and Colorado has a lot to offer! We can hike Fourteeners, go whitewater rafting, head up to Denver to go take in a show at the theater or go to a Colorado Rockies game. Let's just say living in Colorado for the summer has its perks!

Everything we plan as part of the Residence Life experience is about creating an environment where you can grow in your relationships with your classmates and make memories together that will last you a lifetime. Many of the friendships you'll build here at FLI will last well beyond your time here. In the end, you'll walk away from your semester at the Focus Leadership Institute having truly experienced what life in the body of Christ can be like. 


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