Humble Leadership?

How humility and leadership create inspiration.

Learning Lessons in College

Questions, Questions, Questions. College is filled with these, along with other various life impacting learnings. 

Living Well, Gleaning Wisdom

How are you gleaning wisdom from others? How do you keep learning?

Engaging Culture with Authenticity

How Christ's life compelled the early church to engage culture in new and authentic ways

On Originality

Originality is a beautiful piece of the creativity puzzle. A broadcast on OUR originality as God's children. 

Football Cards, Assesments and Abe Lincoln

How collecting information (not just things), let Dr. Thomason to recognize his God given strength.

Harnessing the Strength of Strategy

How Changes at FLI Are Requiring Strategy 

Harmony in History

Office visits. Presidents. Stregnths.  What do they have to do with harmony? Dr. Thomason explains...

Value Through Development

Calling out  innovation and excellence from your team starts when you choose to develop them