The Semester

The summer semester at the Focus Leadership Institute, simply put, is where you want to be. From the moment classes start until you walk across the commissioning stage, you will be running.

For the eight weeks you are here, you can expect morning classes, afternoon internships, community events in the evening and student life activities on the weekend. Did we mention in the middle of the summer you will be flying to DC for the trip of a lifetime, exploring what leadership looks like in the helms of national power?

In class each day, you will be challenged and encouraged to deepen your understanding of the Bible, how God created you and what authentic leadership looks and acts like. We don't believe in merely discussing leadership, but walking it out WHILE you're here on campus and that is where the 'Praxis' kicks in.

Trio1Though academics take up the first half of the day, Praxis has you in an internship for a ministry within Focus on the Family. The supervisors you interact with will illuminate honest leadership, while allowing you the room to start to develop your own style of leadership as well.

April 1: Admission and Financial Aid Application deadline (A few spots remain. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to submit a late application)
June 5: Move in day
June 9: Biblical Foundations and Cultural Paradigms course begins
June 28: July 6: DC Trip
July 7: Personal Competencies for Leadership
July 28-29: Symposiums
July 31: Graduation
August 1: Move out day

(including: Tuition, Room, Partial Board, DC Trip, Deposit)       

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Praxis (Internships and DC Trip)
Student Life
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