Why FLI?

Sure, we could try to convince you that a semester at FLI would be the perfect fit for you. We would tell you about how life changing it is for each of our students every semester. How we design the classes, internships, mentoring opportunities, and the community experience to grow you as much as possible over a semester...but we might be a little biased. So how about you meet a few of our alumni, and hear their stories about how a semester at FLI has propelled them to become the leaders God is calling them to be.

One semester changes everything...


More Words From Our Alumni

"I can't believe that the FLI summer program only costs $5,000! The practical skills I gained are going to impact me more than any college class I have taken before (and my undergrad degree was over $100,000)! I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to be at FLI!" –Elizabeth, Summer 2012 (Student)

"FLI provided incredible insight that helped me develop lenses to better see myself, my family and those around me from a Kingdom perspective. A decade later, that perspective has transformed me into a better leader at home, at church, in my community, and in the corporate world. I feel God can and will and is using me to be a game changer, for His glory, in those areas." – Will, Spring 2000 (Senior Systems Analyst at Mastercard)


"My time at FLI made a profound impact on me. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy school before, but now I engage my classes differently. I engage in the content and discussion more than I ever have. Something changes when you find yourself surrounded by professors both educated and also extremely zealous for the things that they teach. They conduct their classes (and their lives) in such a way that you can’t really avoid engagement." – Tammy, Fall 2010 (Student)

"Out of my 9 semesters of higher education, the Institute was the most important in my life" – Brad, Fall 2003 (Web Developer at American Greetings Interactive)